A Message to Students Studying at SHS

Iha Foundation(voluntary group) has set up Culion Rainbow Fund(NPO) in August 2013, to make sure its purpose to be more responsible for the society.

In Japan, people suffening from Hansen’s disease were compulsorily segregated from society.It was the equivalent of ‘life imprisonmen’.Their demonstractable crime was being Hansen’s disease victims.It was a requirement under the law designed to prevent the spread of leprosy,the legislation being passed under the euphemistically named public health.The sufferers were not only victims of a hide disease but also of harsh treatment and prejudice which that law did everything to foster.In other words,they were oppressed under two layers of hardship.Furthermore,they were abandoned by society,deprived of thier human rights and dignity,and on top of that their families were stigmatized and disgraced.
At long,long last that iniquitous law was repealed in 1996.
The Japanese government acknowledged and apologized for the measures it had taken under that notorious law and it decided that it would pay compensation to those who had been its victims.
This fund was founded by Toshio Iha who was one of the recipients of that compensation program,the compensation money itself being the souce of the fund.From the money gathered,a scholaship will be granted to a student belonging to the School on Medicine at,a student recommended by the Leyte branch of the Philippines State University Medical School.
Illness bring us pain and tears.The more one suffers,the more one is susceptible to the grief of other people.Those who experience physical pain,spiritual anxienty and social failure tend to be those who are merciful to others.They are the last ones to allow others experience pain and tears.
Medical science fights against human suffering and misery.Let’s hope those students who will recieve a scholaship from the Iha fund will be those who are gifted with compassion and have the courage to fight passionately against those illnesses which still cause agony and misery.